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Need a stand-off solution for a sheet metal project? Check out our Self Clinch Stand Off. Various lengths, flush f? https://t.co/MTBcS44hMI 28th Jan 2023

Need reliable captive female threads in sheet metal? Try our Self Clinch Nuts. Perfect for flush finish & tolerance? https://t.co/mqdy50KLZh 26th Jan 2023

Need strong & economical sheet metal fastening? Try our Self Clinch Studs. Strong male thread, similar to weld stud? https://t.co/7DFQhttfEI 24th Jan 2023


Inserts for Plastic

Heat / Ultrasonic Stake

20103 TH
Heatstake / Press In Insert
20103 THC
Heatstake / Press In Headed Insert
20106 IS
Heat / Ultrasonic Inserts
20106 HIS
Heat / Ultrasonic Headed Inserts
20106 ISS
Heatstake / Ultrasonic Stud
20106 HSS
Heatstake / Ultrasonic Headed Stud
20108 HL
Heatstake Insert for Polycarbonate
20108 TC
Heatstake / Ultrasonic Insert (symetrical)
20126 HK
Heatstake / Press In Insert


20103 TH
Heatstake / Press In Insert
20103 THC
Heatstake / Press In Headed Insert
20103 MS
Press in Insert for Thermoset
20104 PI
Press In Insert for Thermoset
20104 HPI
Press In Headed Insert for Thermoset
20104 PIS
Press In Stud for Thermoset
20104 HPS
Press In Headed Stud for Thermoset
20126 HK
Heatstake / Press In Insert

Screw-In (Self Tapping)

20105 TC
Screw Fit Inserts
20105 SC
Screw Fit Inserts


20109 HXT
Hexagon Moldcert Through
20109 HXB
Hexagon Moldcert Blind
20109 FT
Round Mouldcert Blind
20109 DNT
Round Mouldcert Through

Expansion Type

20102 TR
Expansion Insert for Thermoplastic
20110 MV
Expansion Type MV
20128 DGH
Expansion Insert for Thermoplastic
20110 DMK
Expansion Insert for Thermoset
20110 DMR
Reverse Headed Expansion Insert
20110 HDM
Headed Expansion Insert
20128 DG
Expansion Insert (Self Expanding)
20110 PL
Press Fit Expansion


30234 PN
Multi Nut
JK Nut
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