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Available in both removable and non-removable options, Harrison Silverdale's S Type Double Edge Clips are ideal as? https://t.co/Q5XgnXOmme 20th Sep 2022

Harrison Silverdale extends its condolences to His Majesty King Charles III and the royal family at this sad time,? https://t.co/ZmkM6gvos0 13th Sep 2022

Need a professional finish for the exposed ends of your shafts? With Harrison Silverdale's 'Springlok Domed Capped? https://t.co/ffkeHXZkRh 13th Sep 2022


Screws for Plastic

Polyplast 30 Screws for Thermoplastic

20210 1411
Polyplast 30 Pozi Flange Head
20210 1412
Polyplast 30 Pozi Pan Head
20210 1413
Polyplast 30 Pozi Countersunk Head
20210 1447
Polyplast 30 Hex Washer Head
20210 1451
Polyplast 30 Torx Flange
20210 1452
Polyplast 30 Torx Pan
20210 1423
Polyplast 30 Torx Countersunk

Plast-Tight 45 Screws for Thermoplastic

Plas-Tight 45 Pozi Pan Head
Plas-Tight 45 Pozi Countersunk Head
Plas-Tight 45 Pozi Flange Head

Screws for Metal, Alloys, Castings

Tap-Tight Thread Rolling Screws for Metal

11501 - DIN 7500M
Tap-Tight Pozi Countersunk Head
11503 - DIN 7500C
Tap-Tight Pozi Pan Head
11507 - DIN 7500
Tap-Tight Hex Washer Head
11510 - DIN 7500C TX
Tap-Tight Torx Pan Head
11511 - DIN 7500M TX
Tap-Tight Torx Countersunk Head
11512 - DIN 7500
Tap-Tight Torx Cap Head
11513 - DIN 7500
Tap-Tight Hexagon Socket Cap
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