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Polyplast 30 Torx Pan

Series 20210 Type: 1452

Substitute the drive code for the ? and the length for the L In the part no. to specify the exact part required. The 30 deg. Flank angle and recessed core diameter of these thread forming screws for plastic have been developed following theoretical appraisal, exhaustive calculations and final proof testing. The 30 deg. Flank angle produces low radial forces resulting in less radial (hoop) stresses. The recessed core geometry provides the ideal flow director for the displaced plastic, encouraging a uniform flow to fill the pitch of the screw without jamming. This results in the maximum amount of plastic being engaged providing higher sheer loads due to the increased bearing depth of the thread. A combination of the above and the ease of penetration of the 30 deg. Flank angle through the material, encouraging plastic flow, reduces the torque required to drive the screw in. This therefore increases the margin between drive and stripping torque which minimises the potential of stripping during installation. The optimum pitch and maximum fill features provided by the recessed core results in a large area of plastic to be sheered prior to screw failure in tension. This creates a high resistance to pullout loads.

1452K 16XL1.60.920.671. 61.750.50/0.65
1452K 18XL1.81.040.801. 61.750.50/0.65
1452K 20XL2.01.150.892. 61.750.70/0.85
1452K 22XL2.21.250.982. 61.750.70/0.82
1452K 25XL2.51.401. 72.050.70/0.85
1452K 30XL3.01.661.343. 102.801.00/1.30
1452K 35XL3.51.911.573. 102.801.10/1.40
1452K 40XL4.02.171.794. 203.951.25/1.70
1452K 50XL5.02.682. 203.951.40/1.80
1452K 60XL6.03.192.696. 254.501.60/2.00
1452K 70XL7.03.703.147.03.512.54.4T 305.602.00/2.40
1452K 80XL8.04.213.598. 406.752.40/2.90
1452K 100XL10.05.234.4910. 406.752.70/3.20
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