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Chimney Nuts

Series 40114 Type: CNUT

Chimney Nuts are a very versatile spring steel deep thread form fastener. The multiple thread form offers a lot stronger fixing than traditional spring steel U Nuts which use self tapping screws and only engage one thread. This feature allows greater torque for the clamp load therefore providing a more secure joint. The other excellent attribute these clips provide is the wide panel range, this makes them very versatile and can be used on sheet metal, plastics and composite materials.
Material: Spring Steel        Finish: Trivalent Zinc

40114 M4M41.5 - 4.014.910.07.3
40114 M5M50.5 - 4.020.514.010.0
40114 M6M60.5 - 4.023.616.011.0
40114 M8M80.5 - 4.024.317.013.0
40118 050019M50.6 - 3.819.013.011.5
40118 060023M60.8 -
40118 060023LM6 LOCK0.8 -
40118 080025M80.8 - 4.024.516.514.5
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About Series: Series 40114 Type: CNUT
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