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Mini Rivet Bush Standoff

Series 30107 Type: MSOF

Mini Rivet Bush Standoffs are similar the 30102 series but are available in longer body lengths allowing components to be secured at a specified distance from the panel. The smaller body allows them to be placed closer to the edge of the panel. The spigot is placed through a pre-punched hole and riveted on the reverse side, the serrations under the head provide excellent torque resistance. Various spigot lengths are available for different sheet thicknesses.

Materials & Finishes:-
Steel Self Colour (Code 2)
Steel Trivalent Zinc (Code 26)
303 Stainless Steel (Code SS)

To Specify use Series Code/Part No/Gauge Size/Length/Finish Code (eg 30107 M32005RSH26) 

M25??RSHM2.54.190.7/4.022-08SWG5.50AS REQUIRED4.19
M3??RSHM34.190.7/4.022-08SWG5.50AS REQUIRED4.19
M35??RSHM3.55.410.7/4.022-08SWG7.00AS REQUIRED5.41
M4??RSHM45.410.7/4.022-08SWG7.00AS REQUIRED5.41
M5??RSHM56.400.7/4.022-08SWG8.50AS REQUIRED6.40
M6??RSHM67.700.7/4.022-08SWG10.00AS REQUIRED7.70
M8??RSHM89.700.7/4.022-08SWG12.00AS REQUIRED9.70
M10??RSHM1012.700.7/4.022-08SWG16.00AS REQUIRED12.70
M12??RSHM1215.870.7/4.022-08SWG19.00AS REQUIRED15.87
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