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Woodcert With Head Type D

Series 20130 Type: D

Woodcert inserts offer a very strong fixing into soft wood and composite materials. They are installed by screwing them into the parent material using a hexagon driver or allen key. The thin flange sinks flush with the substrate and provides a larger mounting surface area.Common applications include furniture, shopfitting and rotational mouldings.

Material and Finishes:-
Zamac Zinc Clear (Code 60)
Zamac Zinc Yellow (Code 40)

To Specify Use: Series No / Part No / Finish Code (eg 20130 M510 60)

M410M4105.7 /
M507M577.7 /
M510M5107.7 /
M513M5137.7 / 8.06.611.55.0
M520M5207.7 /
M610M6108.7 /
M613M6138.7 / 9.07.512.56.0
M616M6168.7 / 9.07.512.56.0
M620M6208.7 / 9.07.512.56.0
M625M6258.7 /
M813M81310.7 / 11.09.514.58.0
M820M82010.7 / 11.09.514.58.0
M825M82510.7 / 11.09.514.58.0
M1013M101312.2 / 12.2511.516.010.0
M1025M102512.2 / 12.2511.516.010.0
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About Series: Series 20130 Type: D
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