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Pozi Pan Head

Series 10703 Type: - DIN 7985 Z

Machine Screws are round bodied, metric threaded fasteners that can be used either with a nut or with a pre-tapped hole in metal applications.


Steel - Zinc Clear - 60
Stainless Steel A2 - Self Colour - SS
Stainless Steel A4 -Self Colour - A4

To get the part number replace ** with the length found in the tables below followed by the finish code:

10703 M16**M1.63.201.42
10703 M2**M24.001.72
10703 M25**M2.55.002.12
10703 M3**M36.002.52
10703 M35**M3.57.002.82
10703 M4**M48.003.25
10703 M5**M510.003.95
10703 M6**M612.004.75
10703 M8**M816.006.15
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About Series: Series 10703 Type: - DIN 7985 Z
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