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Brass Blind Spacers

Series 60203 Type: BS

Blind Hexagon Spacers are available in various sizes. They are ideal for mounting electrical hardware and other components.

Material & Finish:
Brass Nickel (Stainless Steel available as special order)

To Specify Use: Series No / Part No (eg 60203 3050 40)

2040 18M24188
2040 20M24208
2040 25M24258
2040 30M24308
2550 15M2.55158
2550 18M2.55188
2550 20M2.55208
2550 25M2.55258
2550 30M2.55308
3050 25M352510
3050 30M353010
3050 35M353510
3050 40M354010
3050 45M354510
3050 50M355010
3050 55M355510
3050 60M356010
3055 25M35.52510
3055 30M35.53010
3055 35M35.53510
3055 40M35.54010
3055 45M35.54510
3055 50M35.55010
3055 55M35.55510
3055 60M35.56010
4070 25M472510
4070 30M473010
4070 35M473510
4070 40M474010
4070 45M474510
4070 50M475010
4070 55M475510
4070 60M476010
4070 70M477010
4070 80M478010
5080 25M582510
5080 30M583010
5080 35M583510
5080 40M584010
5080 45M584510
5080 50M585010
5080 55M585510
5080 60M586010
5080 70M587010
5080 80M588010
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About Series: Series 60203 Type: BS
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